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Vesta Ionizer the NEW Number 1

December 1, 2014 by Kalon 0 comments

The VESTA GL has broken the mold when it comes to top performing feature rich water ionizer machines.
Vest GL is the BEST RATED Water Ionizer Ever!
Simply the best.
If you can afford the Cadillac then get it.
You won’t be disappointed :)(: 

Vesta GL Water Ionizer, Water Ionizer, Alkaline Water, Samsung Technology, VESTAVesta GL Water Ionizer, Water Ionizer, Alkaline Water, Samsung Technology, VESTA

The VESTA GL Water Ionizer and Water Purifier is unparalleled in the industry. Emco Tech – the World’s largest water ionizer manufacturer has done it again. They have developed the most efficient and powerful, high quality ionization technology EVER? A STAR was born by the name of the VESTA ionizer. VESTA takes water ionization to the next level with the most advanced features and technology to date, which is then backed up by Emco Tech’s durability and performance. Please visit our Water Ionizer Choices page and choose from our top 5 current water ionizer alkaline water  machine models


How Do You Choose a Water Ionizer

November 30, 2014 by Kalon 0 comments

Water ionizers are infiltrating America by storm. They are flooding into the homes of health seekers nation wide. More companies are offering them and more choices and options are available, making the decision of choosing a water ionizer more and more difficult. Two of the biggest players in the water ionizer business are Enagic and Jupiter Science. In order to see clearly between the two you have to know a little bit about their background.

Jupiter Science is a Korean manufacturing company of water ionizer machines for over 30 years. They are the worlds largest water ionizer manufacturer and supplier of ionizer machines and parts worldwide, producing over 50,000 units per month. Consequently they supply parts for other water ionizer manufacturers such as: Toyo, Samsung, LG and Hyundai to name a few.

Jupiter’s all time best selling water ionizer, the Melody has sold more units each year for the last 2 years than all other water ionizers combined. Their newest EmcoTech Water Ionizer with highest level of technological achievement is the Vesta water ionizer.

Enagic is an MLM company that sells highly overpriced water ionizers with older technology that Jupiter Science played a part in manufacturing. Numerous reports suggest that their distributors use questionable marketing tactics to convince their customers to purchase their high priced equipment. Personally, I’m just glad that there are hard working people out there who are committed to spreading the word about the outstanding health benefits of drinking alkaline water.

From a consumer stand point it makes sense that you should get the most value for your hard earned money.  That’s why I stand behind Jupiter Science/EmcoTech water ionizers with 5 models to choose from with a price range for most consumers. The more you pay, the more advanced the technology, the stronger the ionization and the more user friendly features you will receive.

Alkaline ionized water is revolutionizing the way people approach their health. All water is far from equal and since we are over 75% water and 94% of our blood is water, it just makes sense to put the best water possible into our body’s. Since this water is energetically charged, purified, and pH optimized it has the ability to create significant shifts in the well being of you and your family. Visit our websites to learn more about the health benefits of alkaline ionized water.

Shoulder Pain Laser Therapy Study

October 31, 2014 by Kalon 0 comments
Shoulder Pain Laser Therapy Study
Treating shoulder pain in hemiplegic and spinal cord injured patients

The study “Treating shoulder pain in hemiplegic and spinal cord injured patients” appeared in Private Hospital Healthcare Europe magazine.

The purpose of the study was to test the efficacy of the TerraQuant laser therapy device on shoulder pain resulting from inflammation (i.e. osteoarthritis, tendonitis and bursitis).

Key findings:

  • Super pulsed laser therapy has been shown to be safe and effective
  • A statistically greater improvement was seen in those patients receiving TerraQuant over and above conventional treatment.
Shoulder Pain Laser Therapy Study
Treating shoulder pain in hemiplegic and spinal cord injured patients

The study “Treating shoulder pain in hemiplegic and spinal cord injured patients” appeared in Private Hospital Healthcare Europe magazine.

The purpose of the study was to test the efficacy of the TerraQuant laser therapy device on shoulder pain resulting from inflammation (i.e. osteoarthritis, tendonitis and bursitis).

Key findings:

  • Super pulsed laser therapy has been shown to be safe and effective
  • A statistically greater improvement was seen in those patients receiving TerraQuant over and above conventional treatment.
Specialty Emitters for All Application Requirements
Multi Radiance Medical laser therapy devices can be even more impactful with additional emitters.

LaserStim: This laser and e-stim combo is a powerful theraputic device providing treatment that qualifies for insurance reimbursement.  The emitter is FDA-cleared and includes a unique feature that identifies optimal treatment areas.

Laser Shower: Available in round or rectangular models, the multiple super pulsed lasers allow for shorter treatment times and a broader coverage area with more power.
MultiPoint: semi flexible points are ideal for areas that have a contour shape such as hands, elbows, and knees.
For a FREE Consultation on how to choose the best laser to meet your needs and budget call Toll Free 888-824-7558
or call 808-572-2995. No pressure, just caring, supportive customer service from a seasoned laser specialist.

Cold Laser ROI in Less than 90 Days

October 31, 2014 by Kalon 0 comments
How to make your new cold laser pay for itself fast.

Laser Therapy Marketing Tips:
Laser Therapy can increase your revenue while providing healing pain relief to your patients.  Here are a few ways that you can market your new laser therapy equipment:
  • Remind patients that LaserStim allows for insurance reimbursement therefore their out-of-pocket costs are reduced.
  • Testimonials work (especially if you have a personal story you can share of how laser helped you or one of your family members or one of your patients)
  • Laser promotional packages for gift-giving occasions (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas).  Discount a package of 5 treatments for example.
  • Take laser with you to sporting events
  • On your Twitter and Facebook presence – give regular updates on the benefits of laser therapy.
  • “Free Laser Introduction Day” for all patients to experience the technology.  15 minute demo, explanation, and $50 off a laser package (of 10 or more treatments)

Oxygen, Alkalinity and Cancer

November 27, 2012 by Kalon 0 comments
Nobel Prize Winner

Anti-Cancer Information

Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, 1931 Nobel Prize Winner – Reveals the Real Cause of Cancer.
Dr Otto Warburg discovered the real cause of cancer in 1923 and he received the Nobel Prize for doing so in 1931. Dr Warburg was director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (now Max Planck Institute) for cell physiology at Berlin. He investigated the metabolism of tumors and the respiration of cells, particularly cancer cells. “Cancerous tissues are acidic, whereas healthy tissues are alkaline. Water splits into H+ and OH- ions, if there is an access of H+, it is
acidic; if there is an access of OH- ions, then it is alkaline.” In his work The Metabolism of Tumours he demonstrated that all forms of cancer are characterized by two basic conditions: acidosis and hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Lack of oxygen and acidosis are two sides of the same coin: where you have one, you have the other.

“All normal cells have an absolute requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live without oxygen – a rule without exception.” – Dr. Otto Warburg “Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous.” Otto Warburg.

Dr Warburg has made it clear that the prime cause of cancer is oxygen deficiency (brought about by Toxemia). Dr Warburg discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic (do not breathe oxygen)
and cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen.

A great way to alkalize and super hydrate your cells is to drink Alkaline water made from a high quality water Ionizer such as the ones seen here:

Cold Laser Low Level Laser Smoking Cessation and Weight Control

October 9, 2012 by Kalon 0 comments

Cold Laser and Low Level Laser Therapy for Smoking Cessation and Weight Control is Gaining in Popularity

There is no better business to invest in than Cold Laser Smoking Cessation and Laser Weight Control.

This is a rapidly growing and highly PROFITABLE Business Opportunity in America.

It starts with an investment in a good quality Cold Laser that is capable of effectively stimulating the acupuncture points associated with addiction and Smoking Cessation, or Weight Control if that is your goal. Laser therapy allows you to quickly and successfully create Ex-smokers at an amazing rate and to help shed those unwanted pounds as well. Specific Cold Laser equipment in the correct wavelengths and power densities are ideal for treating acupoints on the ears, face, body, hands and wrists. Users are experiencing up to 85% Laser Smoking Cessation Success rate in Europe, Canada and the US. This is achieved using a Cold Laser in the Infrared (IR) wavelength of 808-810nm at a power output of 200-500mW.

FDA Compliant IRB Clinical Trials and Approved Laser Products are available.

Our Cold Laser therapy can be a turn key operation, depending upon which laser you purchase. The most important thing is the buy the correct laser and an effective protocol training guide. Not all protocols are created equal. When you purchase a Cold Laser the sales representative should be able to answer your specific question and provide you with information as well as direct you to a place where you can acquire laser therapy protocols and register for and IRB if that is the route you decide to go with.

STOP Smoking & Cold Laser Weight Control

At the following link you can buy an effective protocol training guide. This laser training focuses on smoking addiction, weight control and pain management. You don’t just learn the laser points to treat but also the psychology behind helping reinforce your clients ability to conquer their addictions. This training is very informative and the protocols were thoroughly tested and successfully used by someone that actually runs their own clinic and are based on extensive knowledge and expertise in the field. There is more to helping with the smoking cessation and weight loss process than just treating the laser points.

There is no such thing as a cold laser that has been FDA cleared for either smoking cessation or weight control. Instead, practitioners have two choices.

1) They can either join an IRB or Institutional Review Board, which basically falls under the umbrella of the FDA and regulates how you conduct your business and what you can say in your advertising (you must pay an annual fee to be in an IRB). To get accepted into an IRB , the person registering must be a licensed health practitioner in the state who’s scope of practice includes the use of a cold laser. We can not help you figure this out. You need to check with your state licensing/regulatory board and ask them. Sometime they don’t even know. In most states any one from a doctor to a massage therapist who can legally touch people for their job can be accepted.

2) When an IRB is out of the question, others go by the premise that the cold laser is FDA cleared for pain relief, so they treat for pain and discomfort instead. Therefore, simply don’t advertise “laser smoking cessation” or “Laser Quit Smoking”, since that could get you in trouble. Instead, say something like, “We use lasers to help treat the pain and discomfort associated with smoking cessation and weight control”.

I hope that this information has been helpful. We certainly do not assume any liability for your actions. This is for information purposes only and is not to be taken as a recommendation.

If you need help in purchasing an effective protocol training guide or a quality Cold Laser the sales representative at Health is Wealth will be happy to help you. Call Toll Free 1-888-824-7558 or 808-572-2995

Stagering Statistics:

Did you know that an estimated 49 million adults in the United States smoke cigarettes, regardless of its dangers, and that nearly 70% of them want to quit? Over 34 Million Americans want to quit smoking. This is a huge business opportunity. Cigarettes contain over 4,700 potentially toxic substances per puff, including nicotine, which makes them highly addictive. Cigarettes are the leading cause of up to 1,200 Americans dying daily. Approximately 4.9 million people die each year from the use of tabacco products. About 1 out of every 5 deaths in the US can be attributed to tobacco products.

According to the American Lung Association, an estimated 442,398 Americans die each year from diseases directly related to smoking. Smoking significantly contributes to heart disease and strokes that can leave you dead within seconds. Emphysema and lung cancer, associated with cigarette smoking can cause an extremely slow and painful death.

America has the highest rate of obesity in the world. Roughly one out of every four adults in the United States is obese. Americans are desperate to lose weight and spend over $35 Billion per year trying.

The Good New!

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) treatments are drug-free, painless, and non-invasive. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has classified cold laser as a “non- significant risk device.” The laser produces a beam of light at a high wavelength utilizing low energy. The laser is applied to specific body points to block addiction receptors and stimulate the release of endorphins into the body. Endorphins are the body’s natural opiates and mood enhancers. By blocking addiction receptors in the brain, the endorphin release allows clients to cease nicotine intake without the withdrawal symptoms. The procedure is quick, easy, painless, and takes about 30 minutes to complete.

If you need help in purchasing an effective protocol training guide or a quality Cold Laser the sales representative at Health is Wealth will be happy to help you. Call Toll Free 1-888-824-7558 or 808-572-2995

Cleansing and Detoxifying with Ion-Footbath Technology

October 24, 2011 by Kalon 0 comments

Cleansing and Detoxifying is an Essential Part of Living in the 2st Century

Many People Have Asked the Question, “How often should I cleanse?”

Once a day, once a week, once a month…

Before we answer this question, consider these statistics…

* More than 95% of cancer is caused by environmental toxicity and diets (Source – Columbia University School of Public Health reports)

* The average city water contains more than 500 chemicals (Source – USA Today)

* Multiple studies show that most us have between 400-800 chemical residues stored in the fat cells of our bodies

* Pesticide residues are detectable in 50-95% of the food consumed in the U.S.

Toxins damage cells, disrupt our endocrine systems, and impair the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and heal itself. When it comes to exposure to toxins, the body cannot metabolize most of the poisons it is exposed to. Most of these toxins remain in the body for many years, stored in the fat cells that exist throughout the body.

How Can I Remove Toxins from my Body that have Built-Up Over My Lifetime?

The IonCleanse Detox Footbath provides the most thorough and efficient way to cleanse and purify the body – more effectively and faster than any herbal or fasting protocols. Below are two links that will help you to learn about and explore the IonCleanse Cleansing Technology:

Below is the general formula for maximum detoxification with the IonCleanse®:

  • Cleanse 14 times – (3 times per week if under the age of 50, 2 times per week if over 50)
  • Take 10-14 days off – (allow your body time to recover)

Continue this cycle until the number of sessions completed equals your age (i.e. – if you are 56, you will do 4 cycles of 14 sessions for a total of 56 sessions)

You have now completed a Full Detoxification Program and it is now time for a lifetime maintenance program.

  • Maintenance – cleanse 1 time per week after completing the above cycle

Not all Ionizer Foot Baths are Created Equal. The IonCleanse is the hands down most effective system on the market.
Discover the IonCleanse Foot Bath

WAON Therapy and the Vita-Mat Solution

August 15, 2011 by Kalon 0 comments

WAON Therapy is the new solution for old problems. The VITA-MAT takes that solution to homes and clinics with ease.

THERMAL THERAPY has been discovered as a remedy for numerous health conditions, which other medical methods fail to address effectively. Modern advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases has greatly contributed toward prolonging life expectancy. New discoveries have helped to bring relief to sufferers of Fibromyalgia and other difficult to treat conditions. The level of internal suffering and conflict among patients with cardiovascular diseases and the sometimes called, “diseases with no name” such as Fibromyalgia and other pain syndromes is significant. Patients seek out any examination and treatment that can help them to recover from diseases, even when it may involve pain. Treatments such as surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and transplant therapy are therapies that inflict considerable pain, expense and long term suffering on patients, mentally and physically. Patients often feel at the mercy to accept such therapy, even when they don’t want it and the associated expense and discomfort that goes with it.


There is new hope for the many who suffer needlessly. Waon therapy involves the use or application of a specific type of heat to support a course of treatment, allowing the patient or user to experience a feeling of comfort and a pleasant state of mind arising from refreshing perspiration. This controlled environment can be produced with an inexpensive, high quality IR Mat known as a Vita-Mat.

The treatment modality is essentially “Thermal Therapy”.  This WAON therapy has been worked on and perfected since 1989. It is a warming therapy for soothing the mind and body equally, with 60°C dry far-infrared sauna bathing. The name“Waon Therapy,” was adopted to distinguished it from the typical “Thermal Therapy” modality of heat transfer. For example, “local high-heat therapy for cancer” or heat therapy from stem bath or Finish Sauna.  “Waon” is a word coined, and “Waon Therapy,” to explain useing “soothing warmth,” meaning “warmth that comfortably refreshes the mind and body.” “Waon Therapy” is the “Thermal Therapy” that has been perfected and refined for over eighteen years. Therefore, to obtain a correct understanding of “Thermal Therapy” or the Waon modality, we can now refer to it as “Waon Therapy: soothing warmth therapy”.

“Waon Therapy” is defined as “therapy in which the entire body is warmed in an evenly heated chamber (device) for 15 minutes at a temperature that soothes the mind and body, and after the deep-body temperature has increased by approximately 1.0?1.2°C, the soothing warmth effects are sustained by maintaining the warmth at rest for an additional 30 minutes, with fluids corresponding to perspiration being supplied at the end.”

There are various clinical applications 1-11) of “Waon Therapy,” and the effects are dramatic. In particular, a drastic recovery is often seen in intractable diseases that are resistant to drug therapy such as severe heart failure 1), which is an indication of the need for a heart transplant, peripheral artery disease with intractable ulcer 6), severe fibromyalgia syndrome 9), chronic fatigue syndrome 8) , and salivary secretion failure caused by Sjogren’s syndrome 10). The effects are remarkable, and “Waon Therapy” is not simply therapy for organs and local sites. It also improves the systemic vascular function, corrects central and peripheral autonomic nerves and neurohumoral factors (hormonal activity), and activates autoimmunity and the bio-defense mechanism.

If “Waon Therapy” is performed once a day for 3?5 days a week over the course of a 2?6-week period (10 weeks for peripheral artery disease) a clearly positive effect on the intractable diseases mentioned above can be obtained. Furthermore, with subsequent continuation for 2?3 days a week, the effects of “Waon Therapy” can also be steadily maintained.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of “Waon Therapy” as a comprehensive therapy, the effects on chronic heart failure are briefly described in the following example. “Waon Therapy” improves the clinical conditions, cardiac function, and vascular function of patients with chronic heart failure and corrects abnormal autonomic nervous response and neurohumoral factors 3). It dilates systemic arteries and veins to reduce the preload and afterload on the heart and significantly increase cardiac output 1). Arrhythmia caused by chronic heart failure is significantly decreased 4). In addition, “Waon Therapy” considerably improves a depressive state, insomnia, anorexia, and ill feelings of patients with heart failure 3). If “Waon Therapy” is performed once a day for 5 days a week over the course of a 2-week period (10 times in total), cardiomegaly is significantly reduced, the cardiac function is improved, and ANP and BNP can be significantly decreased 3). If “Waon Therapy” is subsequently continued even furth er, then the prognosis of patients with chronic heart failure tends to significantly improve. In an investigation using a heart failure model (TO-2 hamsters), it was verified that the group for which “Waon Therapy” was continually repeated once a day had a 35% improved survival rate compared to the group without this therapy 12).

“Waon Therapy” significantly improves the endothelium-dependent vasodilatory potency of patients with heart failure. In an experiment using heart failure model hamsters, “Waon Therapy” considerably increased the expression of mRNA of vascular endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) in vascular endothelial and intensified the expression of eNOS protein 13,14). A remarkable expression of mRNA and protein of eNOS was also observed in an experiment with peripheral arterial disease models 15). Specifically, after an apolipoprotein E-knockout mouse has a femoral artery removed, if “Waon Therapy” is continually repeated once a day for 35 days, the expression of mRNA and the protein level of eNOS also considerably increases, while the number of blood capillaries increases, the blood flow remarkably improves in the ischemic limbs, and angiogenesis can be achieved. In other words, “Waon Therapy” is deeply involved in the production of effects on genetic, molecular, and cellular levels, and this treatment modality therefore plays an important role in the recovery of the living body.

“Waon Therapy” is safe and highly cost-efficient, and is also a gentle comprehensive therapy that soothes patients and encourages refreshing perspiration, unlike conventional therapy, which often requires the patient’s endurance. I sincerely hope that “Waon Therapy” will be approved for coverage by medical insurance as soon as possible, as a new therapy for the 21st century. Such approval would be very good news for our patients.
Now you can experience WAON therapy with ease and minimal expense. Check out the VITA-MAT

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Now you can experience WAON therapy with ease and minimal expense. Check out the VITA-MAT

Warning Re: Class IV Lasers

February 24, 2011 by Kalon 0 comments

All Lasers are not created equal.

WARNINGS Issued on Class IV Lasers compared to the safe cold Lasers

Class IV lasers sell for a going rate of $15,000 – $50,000 for one of their lasers. Is the price justified and are they as safe as a cold laser Class I through Class III?


FDA – Description of Class IV Laser (Laser Product Hazard): Immediate skin hazard and eye hazard from exposure to either the direct or reflected beam; may also present a FIRE HAZARD.

Wikepedia: Class IV/4 lasers CAN BURN SKIN, and in some cases, even scattered light can cause eye and/or skin damage.

Europe (EN & IEC): Class IV is the highest class of laser radiation. Radiation in this class is very dangerous, and viewing of the diffuse reflection may be dangerous. Class 4 laser beams are CAPABLE OF SETTING FIRE to materials onto which they are projected.

If you are thinking of adding a Class IV laser to your practice, make sure you consult a malpractice lawyer. There have been many reported problems with Class IV lasers. In order to use one, you must have a laser officer on staff. Many state associations are currently working to ban these lasers, due to the dangers.

A true COLD LASER is non thermal (no heat). It has been used worldwide for over 35 years, and is very safe to use in your practice.

READ THE FDA WARNING on a Class IV Laser (these lasers can BURN)

FDA WARNING on Class IV Lasers:
Immediate skin hazard and eye hazard from exposure to either the direct or reflected beam; may also present a fire hazard.

Are they safe?

No, they are very dangerous. You should be very careful if you decide to buy one of these lasers. There is a reason the FDA has classified them, “Class IV”.

Class IIIa & IIIb lasers generate no heat, and are proven (20+ years) of being VERY SAFE. They are commonily referred to as “Cold Lasers”. They can be used for an unlimited amount of time, without generating heat or causing harm to you or your patients (if you are a practitioner).

Class IV lasers are VERY DIFFERENT. If you use one of these devices for several minutes, you could cause serious harm to your patients. Most Class IV operating guides, warn about prolonged exposure. They consider a few minutes, prolonged exposure.

If they were “Cold Lasers”, why the warning? “Cold Lasers” do not produce any heat and can be used for any duration of time.

Buyer BEWARE! Only Cold Lasers have the safety rating by the FDA as non-significant risk device, meaning that it is extremely safe for human application. Plus Cold Lasers have been used and tested around the world for over 35 years in over 30 countries. That’s why cold lasers are the first choice in complimentary and alternative medicine practices where safety and results are both important. Click this link to learn more about Cold Lasers

Antioxidants and Ionized Water

December 14, 2010 by Kalon 0 comments

Why are antioxidants so important? And are Antioxidants from Ionized Water Beneficial for Health?

To understand the vital role that antioxidants play in keeping the body healthy, we must first understand free radicals. Let’s take a look at how a free radical is created:

In the body, oxidation is a chemical reaction involving oxygen molecules (or atoms) and various other substances, which results in the loss of an electron. Have you ever cut an apple and let it sit for too long on the counter? That’s oxidation; so is rust. After an electron is lost, the molecule becomes unstable, and turns into an electron-hungry, free radical. This by-product of oxidation causes a chain-reaction: the free radical steals an electron from another stable molecule, turning that molecule into an unstable, free radical and so on. It’s a vicious cycle that can eventually cause cellular damage. Free radicals are known to be a causal factor in just about every disease. They’re also a major factor in pre-mature aging.

Oxidation is a part of life and, quite frankly, it can’t be avoided. It starts with the air we breathe and can be exacerbated by countless factors including stress, pollution, chemicals, etc.

So, if we can’t get away from it, how can we fight it? Enter the antioxidant. An antioxidant has extra electrons that can be donated without itself becoming unstable. These superheroes go looking for free radicals and donate the lost electron, thus creating a stable, harmless molecule. Fruits like blueberries, raspberries, and pineapple contain a good supply of antioxidants. Vegetables such as peppers, kale, spinach, and beets are also good.  And water–alkaline, ionized water.

Are Antioxidants from Ionized Water Beneficial for Health?

Alkaline, ionized water from IonWays is very high in antioxidants. We measure this by ORP (oxidation reduction potential). Basically, ORP is the measurement of an oxidizing agent (accepts electrons) or reducing agent (donates electrons). So, in essence, the free-radical is the oxidizing agent and our superhero, the antioxidant, is the reducing agent. Water that has a high level of reducing agents (antioxidants) is measured in -ORP and water that has a high level of oxidizing agents is measured in +ORP. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, antioxidants from from pure ionized water have equal or greater benefit to health than do antioxidants from fruits and vegetables.Water

The IonWays Athena has undergone independent laboratory testing that showed it to produce an OPR of up to a -812mV under certain conditions.

A glass of alkaline, ionized water from your Athena, Orion or Melody can help to provide more antioxidants–up to two or three times more–than a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice!

Choose from 7 of the #1 Brand of Water Ionizer Worldwide.