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Which Air Filter is Best for Mold


Customers often ask me, “What air filter is best for controlling mold and cleaning the air.”

Mold has a tendency to grow in places that are dark and moist, such as bathrooms, closets and basements. The basement of many homes and buildings is a common place for mold to grow and flourish. Mold is a strong allergen and it’s difficult to kill and get rid of. Most air filters only filter the air that goes through it, but they don’t do anything to address the source of the problem or kill mold. Most filter use a lot of electricity and costly replacement filters.

Ozone generators have replaced many air filters because they produce ozone (active oxygen), which kills mold and they produce negative ions, which cause dust and particulate matter to fall out of the air so that you don’t breathe it. The action of producing a substance that goes out into the room, which actively kills and purifies surfaces, fabrics, furniture and so fourth is a superior technology than filters. Unfortunately ozone machines can not differentiate between oxygen and nitrogen and since over 70% of the air we breathe is nitrogen, ozone machines end up producing a little ozone and a lot of nitrous oxides, which are toxic. Consequently it’s not good to run ozone machines in a place that is being occupied by people.

The solution to killing mold, and clearing dust and chemical pollution from the air is Aran

and the famous Aranizer. Aranizers are similar to ozone machines, only much better. Aranizers make active oxygen (ARAN) and negative ions, but don’t split the nitrogen molecules, thus no toxic nitrous oxides, and they split the oxygen molecule in such a powerful way that Aran is produced. Aran is the most potent form of polyatomic active oxygen (better than ozone). Aran is very effective at killing mold, viruses, bacteria, and oxidizing (neutralizing and rendering inert) toxic chemicals and gases. Aranizers use very little electricity, can be run 24/7/365, are extremely safe and effective and you never have to buy replacement filters. You can learn more about the wonderful world of Aranizers online. We also have good information about the benefits of polyatomic oxygen online.

If you email me the dimensions of the room or house you want to treat, I will tell you which system is best for your needs. You can also call me to discuss your air purification needs. We deal in both residential and industrial air purification.

For a free consultation you can call me toll free at 888-824-7558

Sincerely, Kalon Prensky

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